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"Oribalt Vilnius" has been working in third-party pharmaceutical logistics sector for more than 16 years. The company serves all wholesale pharmaceutical companies located in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and over 12 pharmaceutical companies are currently using its services. In Vilnius operates the main logistics center of the Baltic States market with an area of 6500 m². The logistics center relies on several business models - from the "classical", when “Oribalt Vilnius” presents goods and medical supplies, but invoices are issued by the owner of the goods, to a full range of services, when the supply of goods is complemented by billing and marketing activities.

Pharmaceuticals and its substances are supplied to UAB "Oribalt Vilnius" warehouse from various manufacturers in the European Union and beyond. Here the supply is consolidated, the production of different factories is collected in one place - a central warehouse of the Baltic States is created, from which sales to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian wholesalers are carried out. The manufacturer remains the holder of the right to proprietorship of the pharmaceuticals and its substances and is responsible for determining the commercial conditions and sale of goods with wholesalers, i.e. it carries out full commercial activities, and UAB "Oribalt Vilnius" acts as a supplier of logistics services in this supply chain and is responsible for the proper receipt and acceptance of goods, storage, collection of orders, preparation for export and further transportation thereof.

Why are pharmaceutical logistics services provided by “Oribalt Vilnius” important to the pharmaceutical manufacturer?

·   One warehouse for the needs of all three Baltic countries.
·   An efficient system that allows you to save on the cost of distributing medicines.
·   High-quality logistics processes, including validated supply of cold supply chain products; a map of critical temperature points for storages is drawn up.
·   The system proposed to the manufacturer allows him to concentrate on core business - pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing - leaving other activities to the pharmaceutical logistics provider.
·   Increasing supply chain flexibility allows for better sales.
·   Access to highly specialized, narrow profile knowledge.
·   Possibility to better manage business risk factors.

Delivery of goods to all Baltic countries from the logistics center in Vilnius is carried out according to the GDP standard.

The whole logistics chain, professionally organized, operates here, including the supply of goods under cold controlled temperature conditions and the supply of goods under ambient conditions.

The logistics center also offers a hub service, i.e. goods received from factories, are transshipped and sorted in the logistics center warehouse according to specific orders and shipped to customers on the same day.

Audrius Pivoras

General Manager, Pharmaceutical logistics Sales Director, Baltic States

+370 5268 8402


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