Absolute Dry is the Swedish original extra effective antiperspirant with long-lasting 7 days effect against sweating and bad smell.

Absolute Dry is an extra effective antiperspirant, powerful enough to prevent sweating at the site of application for up to 7 days. Absolute Dry is recommended to anyone who wants an extra effective antiperspirant with a unique sustainable effect. Absolute Dry is also recommended to people suffering from excessive sweating, so called hyperhidrosis. Absolute Dry is free from perfumes, preservatives and dyes.

Absolute Dry is safe and effective for up to 7 days and comes in 2 different formats.

Absolute Dry dab-on
Long lasting and extra effective antiperspirants with aluminum chloride. The Absolute Dry liquid is applied to the skin with a dab-o-matic applicator attached to the bottle.

Absolute Dry wipes
Antiperspirant wet wipe! For larger skin areas, like back or chest, as well as hands and feet, the dab-on might be somewhat inkonvenient to use. Instead you simly use a pre-soaked Absolute Dry wet wipe. The format is also very convenient for traveling etc.

Absolute Dry


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