Brands department provides a wide range of services for a well known over-the-counter products. Based on the exclusive rights to sell and market certain brands in the Lithuania market, UAB Oribalt Vilnius employees in close cooperation with producers or their represetatives analyze potential market, register or submit all the necessary documents to the State authorities for legal purposes, set up sales goals, plan marketing activities and do necessary pre-work for launching of these products. As UAB Oribalt Vilnius works as a full line wholesaler, we have knowledge, experience and resources to deliver these products to any Lithuania pharmacy or grocery.

Product categories include food supplements, food, dermocosmetics, skincare products and other healthcare products.


  • Lysi

    LYSI Company was established in 1938 and since that time has built up extensive knowledge in the production of marine lipids (fish oil and its products) and became a global leader in its field. Company’s research has been ongoing for over forty years and today LYSI is at the forefront of research and product development in its field.

  • Canderel

    Canderel is one of the brands of Merisant (USA). Merisant leads the sweetener market and owns more than 19 brands in more than 100 countries worldwide.

    Nature’s sweetest gift – Canderel Stevia! Revolutionary sweetener formulated with extracts from the leaves of the Stevia plant – steviol glycoside, which is a sweetener of natural origin. The diverse Canderel Stevia sweeteners are suitable for adding sweetness to hot and cold drinks, and also meals, for example, breakfast cereals, yoghurts or cottage cheeses.

  • Floradix

    Floradix are natural vitamin concentrates containing minerals, concentrated fruit, berry and vegetable juices and also plant extracts.

  • Ice Power

    ICE POWER – quickly and effectively relieves pain, inflammation and swelling as well as releases excessive muscle tension.

    Cold therapy is a treatment method, which is widely used not only in first aid, but also for the local treatment of pain – it is a safe method for reducing pain, which is clinically proven and has no side-effects.

  • Blistex

    Blistex ­– ­tai aukščiausios kokybės lūpų priežiūros linija iš JAV, viena iš pirmaujančių lūpų priežiūros kompanijų, kurių produkcija parduodama daugiau nei 60 šalių visame pasaulyje.

  • Absolute Dry

    Absolute Dry is the Swedish original extra effective antiperspirant with long-lasting 7 days effect against sweating and bad smell.

    Absolute Dry is an extra effective antiperspirant, powerful enough to prevent sweating at the site of application for up to 7 days. Absolute Dry is recommended to anyone who wants an extra effective antiperspirant with a unique sustainable effect. Absolute Dry is also recommended to people suffering from excessive sweating, so called hyperhidrosis. Absolute Dry is free from perfumes, preservatives and dyes.

  • Pansalt

    Pansalt -tai druska, kurioje yra mažiau natrio (56-57% natrio chlorido). Šioje druskoje yra kalio ir magnio- mineralų, kurie padeda palaikyti normalų kraujospūdį ir yra svarbūs elektrolitų pusiausvyrai. (100 g druskos yra 28 g kalio chlorido ir 12g magnio sulfato). 

    Sūrų skonį druskai suteikia lizino hidrochloridas (2%). Lizinas yra esminė aminorūgštis žmonėms- jos reikia baltymų sintezei

    5g Pansalt druskos yra  0.06g Magnio, 0.75g Kalio, 0.125mg Jodo

  • Gefilus

    Gefilus products are probiotics, which contain the best known and most studied lactic acid bacteria – Lactobacillus GG (LGG®).

    Gefilus probiotics are intended for modern people searching for balance in every aspect. Gefilus products help to maintain balance in the intestinal microflora, as when the intestinal microflora is disturbed due to various reasons, aid is needed, which is where Gefilus comes in. It is lactose, protein and gluten free, so it can be taken by anyone.


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